Pharma Solutions

Recruitment and HR support
  • Human Resource Management
  • Candidate sourcing, screening and selection
  • Pay role management
Innovative Marketing solutions
  • We are specialized in i-pad and apps Communication for marketing.
  • Concept chambers / clinics (capparris Modular concepts)
  • Creating and managing marketing campaigns
  • Counsellor support for high end pharma / FMCG /OTC products
  • Dedicated product hotlines for technical support
Corporate medical education
  • Employee health education program – on first aid, Diabetes, Cardio-Vascular problems and general hygiene
  • Adult corporate vaccination program
  • Online and Tele - counselling health care support
Training and development
  • Basic knowledge training for new recruits
  • Manager  development program
Classes offered on
  • Time management
  • Leadership development  - middle and senior management
  • Team building
  • Advanced sales skills
  • Sales skills of OTC / FMCG products
  • Retail selling skills
  • Interview skills
  • Communication skill work shops
I-pad / mobile enabled promo communication
  • Sales promotion through I-Pad
  • Face to Face communication facilitators
  • Video clips
  • Navigation
Customised Mobile APPS
  • Customised mobile apps to boost your business
  • Apps creation
  • Training
  • Back end support