• Recruitment and HR support

    • Human Resource Management

    • Candidate sourcing, screening and selection

    • Pay role management

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  • Innovative Marketing Solutions

    • We are specialized in i-pad and apps Communication for marketing.

    • Concept chambers / clinics (capparris Modular concepts)

    • Creating and managing marketing campaigns

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  • Corporate Medical Education

    • Employee health education program – on first aid, Diabetes, Cardio Vascular problems and general hygiene

    • Adult corporate vaccination program

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For authentic safe and secure Medical information call The Health PlantersTM +91-44-42428000.

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We are specialised in delivering a wide selection of highly aesthetic interior signs. Based on modularity the systems provide you with a dynamic and versatile design opportunity.

Let us know what you need. We´ll deliver the custom specification you require. Our interior sign systems can add value to clinics, hospitals, universities, corporate facilities, high class residential, airports etc.

We need

  • Pharmacist and doctors who has flair for knowledge and health education
  • Web designer with innovative approaches
  • MBA with e- com. Experience
  • Sales personnel's with media or print media space selling
  • Team leaders of Medical Counselling
  • Marketing managers - pharma experience
  • HR executives